News and Updates

Campaign Highlight

The Orlando Sentinel did an article on our campaign highlighting many of my priorities and some of the differences between me and my opponent. The article mentioned some key issues I will address if elected on the school board. I thought I would take this opportunity to expand on some of the ideas that were brought up.

Community Schools

I was recently told that there is only so much we can expect from our schools in our area because of the great amount of poverty that lies within our boundaries. The comment rubbed me the wrong way. Am I crazy for thinking that we can raise the level of performance in the classroom for our most vulnerable students? Is the success path for our students already laid out for them depending on what kind of home they come from?

Plans and Goals for Students with Unique Abilities

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) is a program designed to help students with disabilities progress through school and prepare for life after they graduate. There are a number of additions/changes that can be implemented to improve this program. In this post, I layout my plans and goals for ESE students.

Classroom Environment

As I knock on doors and speak with parents and teachers, there is one pillar of my campaign that keeps being reinforced - Classroom Environment.  

Of course, as a mom, I have seen it first hand with two daughters who come home from our District 7 schools complaining about it. As a substitute, I saw it with my own eyes as I taught in nearly every school throughout district 7.  

It seemed the behavior of the children was out of control and, worse, it didn’t seem there were any repercussions.

Educational Opportunities

When Abigail was seven years old, she determined she wanted to be a lawyer. She hasn’t changed her mind and when she found out there was a law magnet at Boone High School, she was thrilled.

The excitement built when I took her to the open house. She met the instructors, who are former lawyers. She saw the actual courtroom they built in the classroom. She met students in the program. She was all in. I was so happy to see a fire in her belly and her excitement thrilled me.