Educational Opportunities

When Abigail was seven years old, she determined she wanted to be a lawyer. She hasn’t changed her mind and when she found out there was a law magnet at Boone High School, she was thrilled.

The excitement built when I took her to the open house. She met the instructors, who are former lawyers. She saw the actual courtroom they built in the classroom. She met students in the program. She was all in. I was so happy to see a fire in her belly and her excitement thrilled me.

This week, it took a nearly two-hour commute to register her. I’m not thrilled about taking this drive every day, but it is an excellent program, and our family decided to make the sacrifice to do what is best for our child.  

Still, it is frustrating the best educational opportunity for my child is across town.

I am not alone in this frustration.

As I knock on doors and talk to voters, I hear the same frustration over the lack of choices we have in this area. For instance, I spoke to a mother who said the decision where to send her rising sixth grader is keeping her up at night.  She, like many of my close friends have already done, is considering uprooting her family to move to an area that provides a school better suited for her daughter’s needs.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed in our area.

If I am entrusted to be the next School Board member representing District 7, I will  work tirelessly to bring more unique and varied opportunities to our children.

Personally, I would like to see a performing arts magnet, a gifted elementary school, a K-8 school and a science-based school come to this area. I have heard community members asking for a technology magnet, broader than the photonics magnet at Wekiva.

A parent should not lose sleep worrying over where they are going to send their child to school or sell their home to move to find a school that works for their child. OCPS has done a great job providing varied educational opportunities in other parts of the district.

It’s time to bring them to District 7!